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- You will need this to be able to open "pdf" documents. Click the link and follow the instructions on the Adobe web site to download.

Macromedia Flash Player - This player is becoming more and more necessary to be able to see a lot of content on the Internet. Highly Recommended. Click the above link and follow the instructions on Macromedia web site to download.

Windows Media Player - Needed to play many types of sound and video files.

Real player - Needed to play many types of sound and video files.

Note to Church members: If you have a slower internet connection and do not want to download these tools. Please contact me and I can provide them on CD-ROM.

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Acadia Divinity College

Crandall University - formerly Atlantic Baptist University

Baptist Book Room

Blue Letter Bible - Use this page to search the bible by verse or by keyword(s).

Canadian Baptist Ministries

Cross Canada Search - Christian Search Engine

Gospel Music Archive

Bible Gateway - online searchable bible

Mount Trabor Bible Camp

The Convention of Atlantic Baptist Churches

The Ultimate Christian Resource Center

Valley Christian Radio - playing country gospel from 3 am - 3 pm and contemporary gospel the remainder of the time

Computer Help

Gmail - Free web based email

WiredGuide - A Beginners Guide to Computing and the Internet
This is a great site that explains computing in plain, simple English. Highly Recommended!

Webopedia - An Encyclopaedia of computer related terms.
Need to know what RAM means? What about a motherboard? Look it up here!

Virus Alerts - Ever receive an email warning about a virus? A high percentage of virus warnings that you get by email are hoaxes. So before you panic and forward the warning to everyone on the face of the planet, check here to see if it is a known hoax. Also use this site to find out details about legitimate viruses.

Fun 'N Games

Kid's and Families

Adventures in Odyssey

Veggie Tales

Fishers of Kids - free Sunday school curriculum downloads.

Sesame Street Workshop - Needs no introduction!

For Kids at Heart

Free Online Games - These games are suitable for kids of all ages.

Mount Uniacke Public Library

Halifax Regional Library

Online Crosswords


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